Here you will find a selection of Juno's paintings. Some are long-time favorites; others are recent additions inspired by new discoveries. All invite you to experience Hawaii, one happy moment after another.

It's as though you're right there - at the elegant Moana Hotel, in the splendor of days gone by; listening to performers who kept cherished music alive; hearing the tutus talking story; and sharing the fun with the young boys and girls who are fishing off the pier.

"I see life in all its entirety, " says Juno. A genuinely happy person who loves life in Hawaii, Juno enjoys sharing the special places, times and traditions that tell the story of life in these islands.

Juno Galang's love and passion for Hawaii is evident in every one of his amazingly photo-realistic paintings. The colors are vivid and exuberant. The scenes are full of life and richly detailed, each one inviting you to step into the painting and become part of the story of Hawaii, today and yesterday.

Juno's Island Memories Collection
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