"Your favorite memories come to life with the art of personalization."

“There’s such a feeling of fulfillment to create a painting that lets people relive their special Hawai‘i memories,” says Juno. He is referring to "remark." Remark is a unique, personalized piece of art created for an individual by actually including their favorite island scenes in one of Juno's artworks.

The remark can include anything the individual wants – their family, a beloved pet, even their favorite tropical beverage – whatever brings back happy memories that tell the story of their wonderful trip to Hawai‘i. “I like to think of children growing up with this painting. Every time they see it, it brings back memories of that moment, that wonderful trip to Hawai‘i,” says Juno.

Some of Juno’s original remarks are included here. He would be happy to talk to you about creating your personalized painting. Contact us to learn how you can commission a personalized Juno Galang painting.

Juno's  Samples of Personalized Paintings

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